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Alain Brissonnaud (1939 – 2021)

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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Alain Brissonnaud, a retired member of the CERN personnel who dedicated his career to budgetary and financial management of CERN's major projects, spanning the SPS, LEP, CLIC and the LHC.

Alain began his career at CERN in 1966 as an administrative employee in the Maintenance and Operation section of the Site and Building division, tasked with surveying the roofs of CERN's buildings. That's how he first got to know CERN, by walking its rooftops. He became a methods officer in 1968, before taking over the budgetary management of the Installation group during the construction of the SPS. In 1980, he was appointed leader of the Budget Management section of the Coordination – Budget group in the Site and Building division (SB-CB-BG). Six years later, he joined the LEP division, where he was in charge of budgetary and financial management for LEP 200, LHC R&D and CLIC in his capacity as Departmental Planning Officer and Project Planning Officer of the Accelerators sector. Attuned as he was to the needs of all involved, he always managed to find the right solution to overcome problems. He was respected by all the engineers and technicians involved in the LHC project.

Alain retired in 2004, but continued to follow closely what was going on at CERN. For instance, he wanted to keep receiving the LHC Progress Report. He would happily speak about his career, which was a source of great pride to him. He was a gentleman who made a great contribution to CERN. Unfailingly positive and constructive, he contributed enormously to driving forward the projects in which he was involved.

We offer our heartfelt condolences to his loved ones.

Alain's colleagues and friends